Smart, Sophisticated and Safe

The Jetour X90 7-seater SUV sports a distinctive style with multi-functional features that make your journey more comfortable and connected.

Experience convenience to the next level with keyless entry, 36db noise-free cockpit and adjustable climate zone in the rear compartment. Drive safer with a host of safety features making it the best for families with kids.



Rain-sensing Windshield Wipers

The rain-sensing windshield wipers enhance convenience when driving in stormy weather. Additionally, automatic headlights and induction controlled electric door elevate your comfort.

Infotainment System

The 12.3-inch intelligent LCD dashboard and 4.3-inch driving computer screen exudes elegance and advanced technology. A 9-inch HD touchscreen interlinks three screens.


Ultra-wide Panoramic Sunroof

The 1.1 m2 super wide-angle panoramic sunroof enhances natural lighting and ventilation as you enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Unique LED Lighting

An innovative take on lighting with “angel eye” headlamps complemented by dual C-type halo lights that offer a 20° side lighting area, making driving at night safer than ever, regardless of speed.


Stylish Rear

The clam-shaped back door and two-side electroplated exhaust pipes inspire a refined and sporty appearance.

Cozy Cabin

Passengers enjoy spacious interior with generous cargo room and 28 storage spaces. 6-way electric adjustment with lumbar support and driver seat heater adds unparalleled comfort.


Quality Craftsmanship

The exquisite instrument cluster and D-type leather steering wheel simulates an aircraft cockpit gear in style.

New Generation Engine

The Jetour X90 is powered by a 1.6 litre turbo engine producing 194HP with 7-speed automatic transmission.


Dynamic & Feature-rich

The 20-inch spiral hurricane-shaped wheel hub stands out with its distinct styling while the power folding, electric side mirror with heating is just one example of the hi-tech features available in the X90.

Roof Rack

Jetour X90 features an integrated roof rack that can easily hold up to 30kg baggage.


Multi-link Independent Suspension

Experience better maneuverability and stability with the X90’s high-strength cage-type body and multiple-link independent suspension with stabilizer bar.